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Match the following : 

a. Tablet, Joystick  i. Continuous devices 
b. Light Pen, Touch Screen ii. Direct devices 
c. Locator, Keyboard iii. Logical devices 
d. Data Globe, Sonic Pen  iv. 3D interaction devices 

Codes :

            a        b        c        d 

  1. ii          i        iv        iii 
  2. i          iv       iii        ii 
  3. i          ii        iii        iv 
  4. iv        iii        ii         i 
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1 Answer

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ans is C (options are already matching )

keyboard is logical device and so is locator

Data globe, sonic pen  are  3D interaction devices

Tablet joystick are continuous devices as we can not lift our hand during their operation

Light pen and touch screen are direct devices as we directly touch them and get our work done
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