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If the size of window is N and N # of frames are transmitted and it is supporting cumulative ACK. The Ack no. that is transmitted is ACK p.Then


a)how many frames are received to the receiver

b) How many frames are to be transmitted?

I am not sure how this ques. is solved in this pdf . which is available online in form of made easy notes n ques. s on page number 51.  I am solving it using GOBACKN  and my answer is not matching to his answer plus approach is diff. Anybody ??? help me on this.
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1 Answer

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Suppose N is the window size and the received acknowledgement is p, it means:
1. N-p frames have been received by receiver
     0 1 2 3 4 5 6 , suppose 7 is the sender window size and acknowledgement came as ack5 it means receiver is expecting packet 5 and packets from 0 to 4 have been received properly.

2.N - p = 7 - 5 have to be resent, because there were total N packets to be sent and p have been received so left packets are N - p
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