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Which of the following is not true with respect to to a trackball and/or spaceball?

  1. A trackball is a two dimensional positioning device while as a spaceball provides six degrees of freedom
  2. Unlike the trackball a spaceball does not actually move
  3. A trackball is a three dimensional positioning device while as a spaceball provides six degrees of freedom
    1. I and II
    2. II and III
    3. II only
    4. III only
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option D is the ans as statement III is incorrect

First two statements are correct


A spaceball is a "six degrees of freedom" device. It allows full rotation in multiple directions, such as with a CAD model. a trackball, however is merely a standard mouse. rather than having the ball moved by the mouse platform, you manually actuate the ball. it just moves the cursor around. the libsball page has a nice image showing the spaceball's range and type of motion. a trackball just does XY axis motion.
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The computer cursor that controls

 all the actions in a notebook or laptops.

An artificial cursor that controls

all the actions within a program.


An upside-down mouse that gets placed within a socket and keeps on rotating at the same point.

A 3D graphical input device that gets fixed on a spherical ball.


Suitable for computer devices along with notebooks and laptops.

Suitable for computer software such as AutoCAD, Solid Works, Ansys, and others.


Click, Open, Move

Rotate, Pan, Zoom, etc.


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