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How many disk blocks are required to keep list of free disk blocks in a $16$ GB hard disk with $1$ kB block size using linked list of free disk blocks ? Assume that the disk block number is stored in $32$ bits.

  1. $1024$ blocks 
  2. $16794$ blocks 
  3. $20000$ blocks 
  4. $1048576$ blocks 
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2 Answers

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no. of disk blocks possible = 16GB/ 1KB = 16M disk blocks available

no. of disk block address possible to store in 1 disk block = 1kB/32bits = 256  address can be stored in 1 disk block

256 disk block address---------------------------> 1 disk block

16M disk block address----------------------------->   x

 x = 16M/256 =  65536...

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