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Consider a proposition given as:

"$x \geq 6$, if $x^2 \geq$ 25 and and its proof as:

If x $\geq$ 6, then $x^2 =x.x \geq 6.6 = 36 \geq 25$

Which of the following is correct with respect to the given proposition and its proof?

  1. The proof shows the converse
  2. The proof starts by assuming what is to be shown
  3. The proof is correct and there is nothing wrong
    1. ​a only
    2. c only
    3. a and b
    4. b only
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1 Answer

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let p:  x>=6  q: x^2=25 then given statement can be written as q->p

and its given proof may be written as p->q which is converse of q->p so  

a)  is correct

we have to prove p and we are assuming it in our proof so b is also true 

so ans is C) a and b  

note := the proof is not correct it is not following any standards of logic

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