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In a distributed computing environment, distributed shared memory is used which is 

  1. Logical combination of virtual memories on the nodes.
  2. Logical combination of physical memories on the nodes.​
  3. Logical combination of the secondary memories on all the nodes.
  4. All of the above 
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ans should be B only physical memory is combined logically in distributed system

In computer sciencedistributed shared memory (DSM) is a form of memory architecture where the (physically separate) memories can be addressed as one (logically shared) address space. Here, the term "shared" does not mean that there is a single centralized memory but "shared" essentially means that the address space is shared (same physical address on two processors refers to the same location in memory).[1]:201 Distributed global address space (DGAS), is a similar term for a wide class of software and hardware implementations, in which each node of a cluster has access to shared memory in addition to each node's non-shared private memory.


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