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Equivalent logical expression for the Well Formed Formula $(WFF)$,

$\sim(\forall x) F\left[x\right]$


  1. $\forall x (\sim F\left[x\right])$
  2. $\sim (\exists x) F\left[x\right]$
  3. $\exists x (\sim F\left[x\right])​$ 
  4. $\forall x F\left[x\right]$
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3 Answers

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~(∀x) F(x)


So ans is C

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Negation of all of 'x' is equal to there exist 'x', so C is the answer

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When negation is brought before the atom, ∀ is converted to ∃ and vice versa.

~(∀x) F(x)


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