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Match the following components of an expert system :

a. I/O interface  i. Accepts user’s queries and responds to question through I/O interface 
b. Explanation module  ii. Contains facts and rules about the domain 
c. Inference engine  iii. Gives the user, the ability to follow inferencing steps at any time during consultation 
d. Knowledge base  iv. Permits the user to communicate with the system in a natural way 

Codes :

           a        b       c        d 

  1. i         iii       iv        ii
  2. iv       iii        i         ii 
  3. i         iii       ii        iv 
  4. iv        i       iii        ii  
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1 Answer

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ans will be B 

The User Interface - Where the user interacts with the expert system. In other words where questions are asked, and advice is produced

The inference engine is the main processing element of the expert system. The inference engine chooses rules from the agenda to fire. If there are no rules on the agenda, the inference engine must obtain information from the user in order to add more rules to the agenda

The Knowledge Base - Where the information is stored in the expert system in the form of facts and rules (basically a series of IF statements). This is where the programmer writes the code for the expert system.

Explanation module . Gives the user, the ability to follow inferencing steps at any time during consultation

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