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Which phase of compiler generates stream of atoms?

  1. Syntax Analysis
  2. Lexical Analysis
  3. Code Generation
  4. Code Optimization
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Answer is b) A syntax analyzer or parser takes the input from a lexical analyzer in the form of token streams. The parser analyzes the source code (token stream) against the production rules to detect any errors in the code.
So, we'r concerned with the entities not the production or any for that case 'rule'.
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what is atom in compiler?? and will the answer be B
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. Syntax analysis generates stream of token

. Lexical analysis is the first phase of compiler also known as scanner .it convert the input program into a sequence of token

So answer is A
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Ans is B only

Stream of tokens are same as stream of atoms which are generated by Mexican analyser

The output of syntax analysis is parse tree
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Answer is Lexical Analysis (source)

According to the given source,

Syntax analysis comprises of tokenizing and parsing.

Tokenizing (Lexical Analysis): Creating a stream of "atoms".


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