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Cohesion is an extension of:

  1. Abstraction concept
  2. Refinment concept
  3. Information hiding concept
  4. Modularity
in IS&Software Engineering
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Answer C

Cohesion is a natural extension of the information hiding concept.

A cohesive module performs a single task within a software procedure, requiring little interaction with procedures being performed in other parts of software

We always strive for high cohesion

Types of cohesion


  • A module that performs tasks that are related logically is logically cohesive.
  • When a module contains tasks that are related by the fact that all must be executed with the same span of time, the module exhibits temporal cohesion.
  • At the low-end of the spectrum, a module that performs a set of tasks that relate to each other loosely, called coincidentally cohesive.

As an example of low cohesion, consider a module that performs error processing for an engineering analysis package.

The module is called when computed data exceed pre-specified bounds. It performs the following tasks:

(1) computes supplementary data based on original computed data,

(2) Produces an error report (with graphical content) on the user's workstation,

(3) Performs follow-up calculations requested by the user,

(4) Updates a database, and

(5) Enables menu selection for subsequent processing. Although the preceding tasks are loosely related, each is an independent functional entity that might best be performed as a separate module.

Combining the functions into a single module can serve only to increase the likelihood of error propagation when a modification is made to one of its processing tasks.

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Nice,you always explains great. Thanks a lot.

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