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Which of the following is not valid with reference to Message Passing Interface(MPI)?

  1. MPI can run on any hardware platform
  2. The programming model is a distributed memory model
  3. All parallelism is implicit
  4. MPI- Comm - Size returns the total number of MPI processes in specified communication
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Answer must be C

  • Message Passing Interface (MPI) is a standardized and portable message-passing system
  •  it has become a de facto standard for communication among processes that model a parallel program running on a distributed memory system.
  • It can run on any hardare platform. It is Portable ,Efficient, Flexible
  • Communicator objects connect groups of processes in the MPI session. Each communicator gives each contained process an independent identifier and arranges its contained processes in an ordered topology.
  • MPI_Comm_Size returns the total number of MPI processes in specified communication

Please refer this nice article for more details

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