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Consider the two class classification task that consists of the following points:

Class $C_1$ : [1   1.5] [1   -1.5]
Class $C_2$ : [-2   2.5] [-2   -2.5]

The decision boundary between the two classes using single perceptron is given by:

  1. $x_1+x_2+1.5=0$
  2. $x_1+x_2-1.5=0$
  3. $x_1+1.5=0$
  4. $x_1-1.5=0$
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Ans is C    

simply plot the all the points of C1 and C2 in 2-D  coordinates then see which option's line  seperates the points of C1 and C2

all points of C1 should be on one side and all points of C2 should be on  other  side of line.

only Line given in option C     x1 + 0,5 =0 does that
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How to check for option A and B ?
draw lines with options A and B and check whether following 2 points are at same side of line or not

Class C1

: [1   1.5]

[1   -1.5]


and also these 2 points

Class C2

: [-2   2.5]

[-2   -2.5]

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