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Match the following learning modes $w.r.t$. characteristics of available information for learning : 

a. Supervised i. Instructive information on desired responses, explicitly specified by a teacher. 
b. Recording ii. A priori design information for memory storing 
c. Reinforcement iii. Partial information about desired responses, or only “right” or “wrong” evaluative information 
d. Unsupervised  iv. No information about desired responses 

Codes :

           a        b        c        d

  1. i         ii        iii        iv
  2. i         iii        ii        iv 
  3. ii        iv       iii         i
  4. ii        iii       iv         i 
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1 Answer

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ans should be A (Again already matched in correct order)

some clue

supervised --->under some guidance by some teacher

Reinforcement--->evaluation in form of reward or critics (minus points)

Unsupervised ---->no information about desired responses

Recording --->some memory storage

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