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Which of the following versions of Windows $O.S$. contain built-in partition manager which allows us to shrink and expand pre-defined drives ?

  1. Windows Vista 
  2. Windows $2000$
  3. Windows NT 
  4. Windows $98$ 
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it has to be Windows Vista as it is latest rest are decades old

  • Reliability and Performance Monitor includes various tools for tuning and monitoring system performance and resources activities of CPU, disks, network, memory and other resources. It shows the operations on files, the opened connections, etc.[66]
  • Disk Management: The Logical Disk Manager in Windows Vista supports shrinking and expanding volumes on-the-fly.[67]
  • Windows Anytime Upgrade: is a program that allows a user to upgrade their computer running Vista to a higher edition. For example, a computer running Windows Vista Home Basic can be upgraded to Home Premium or better. The advantages of using Anytime Upgrade are that your programs and data aren't erased, it just installs the extra features of the edition you're upgrading to, and the price is less to upgrade than to replace your installation of Windows with the edition you wish to upgrade to. Anytime Upgrade is no longer available for Vista.[68]


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