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Forward chaining systems are ____ where as backward chaining systems are ____

  1. Data driven, Data driven
  2. Goal driven, Data driven
  3. Data driven, Goal driven
  4. Goal driven, Goal driven
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ans will be C  since data drives forward chaining it is data driven  and goal drives backward chaining it is goal driven 

Forward chaining is one of the two main methods of reasoning when using an inference engine and can be described logically as repeated application of modus ponens. Forward chaining is a popular implementation strategy for expert systemsbusiness and production rule systems. The opposite of forward chaining is backward chaining.

Forward chaining starts with the available data and uses inference rules to extract more data (from an end user, for example) until a goal is reached.

the name "forward chaining" comes from the fact that the inference engine starts with the data and reasons its way to the answer, as opposed to backward chaining, which works the other way around. In the derivation, the rules are used in the opposite order as compared to backward chaining. In this example, rules #2 and #4 were not used in determining that Fritz is green.

Because the data determines which rules are selected and used, this method is called data-driven, in contrast to goal-driven backward chaining inference. The forward chaining approach is often employed by expert systems, such as CLIPS.

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