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Given two sequences X and Y:

X=$\langle$ a, b, c, b, d, a, b $\rangle$

Y=$\langle$ b, d, c, a, b, a $\rangle$

The longest common subsequence of X and Y is:

  1. $\langle$ b, c, a $\rangle$
  2. $\langle$ c, a, b $\rangle$
  3. $\langle$ b, c, a, a $\rangle$
  4. $\langle$ b, c, b, a $\rangle$
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How to find long common subsequences.

2 Answers

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ans is D simply observe the longest sequence in order (not essentially continuous)common in both 

X=⟨ a, b, c, b, d, a, b ⟩

Y=⟨ b, d, c, a, b, a ⟩


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$< b, c, b, a>$ is answer

Option d
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