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The end points of a given line are (0,0) and (6,18). Compute each value of y as x steps from 0 to 3, by using equation of straight line:

  1. For x=0, y=0; x=1, y=3; x=2, y=6; x=3, y=9
  2. For x=0, y=1; x=1, y=3; x=2, y=4; x=3, y=9
  3. For x=0, y=2; x=1, y=3; x=2, y=6; x=3, y=9
  4. For x=0, y=0; x=1, y=3; x=2, y=4; x=3, y=6
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A is the ans

eqn of line passing through 2 points (x1,y1) ,(x2,y2) is y-y1=(y2-y1)*(x-x1)/(x2-x1)

so here eqn of line is y-0=(18-0)(x-0)/(6-0) =>y=3x

so when x=0 y=0

           x=1 y=3

            x=2  y=6

           x=3   y=9

hence ans is A
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If this is the equation of line then what about y = mx+c.

Because, Equations of straight lines are in the form y = mx + c

Since x=0 => y=0

this means the line is passing through origin.

At origin the intercept c =0

so here it is y= mx.
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