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3 votes

In constraint satisfaction problem, constraints can be stated as

  1. Arithmetic equations and inequalities that bind the values of variables
  2. Arithmetic equations and inequalities that does not bind any restriction over variables
  3. Arithmetic equations that impose restrictions over variables
  4. Arithmetic equations that discard constraints over the given variables
in Optimization

2 Answers

2 votes
Answer A

remember map coloring problem, it is a Constraint satisfaction problem.

We need mathematical equations and inequalities. So C and D are not the answer.

Inequalities are must to check whther constraintes are fullfilled.

Equation specify the constarint.

In a nutshell, A should be the proper choice
2 votes
clearly ans is A  constraints satisfaction probems like cryptoarithmetic  problem(e.g. CROSS +ROAD =DANGER or SEND+MORE=MONEY) bind values of alphabets from 0 to 9  and there are equations and inequality which imposes these restrictions

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