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A basic feasible solution of a linear programming problem is said to be ______ if at least one of the basic variable is zero

  1. generate
  2. degenerate
  3. infeasible
  4. unbounded
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1 Answer

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it should be degenrate

Basic Feasible Solution: A feasible solution to LP problem which is also the basic solution is called the “basic feasible solution”. Basic feasible solutions are of two types;

(a) Degenerate: A basic feasible solution is called degenerate if value of at least one basic variable is zero.

(b) Non-degenerate: A basic feasible solution is called ‘non-degenerate’ if all values of m basic variables are non-zero and positive


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Thank you so much Sir.

Sir can you please provide the PDF's for other topics of LPP too. Like Big M, simplex and dual simple etc.

Thanks and regards


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