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Consider the following transportation problem:

The transportation cost in the inital basic feasible solution of the above transportation problem using Vogel's Approximation method is

  1. 1450
  2. 1465
  3. 1480
  4. 1520
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ans is B  here demand and supply are not equal so a dummy column (with cost 0 for all elements) is added with demand 15 to balance it . Then by vogel 's method penalties are calculated and we choose the row with highest panalties and if there is tie chosse the min , next min cost etc

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Demand and supply are equal. Why add a dumy column
no demand is 185 and supply is 200
demand =185 , supply =200  so they are not equal
Sir from where u had taken 5th colmn
We have to add a dummy column by ourself will all values 0 and demand value 15 to make problem balanced first
Can the second row be chosen instead of fourth row since both have equal penalty as 8

for initial basic soln any one can be chosen       but for optimal soln in case of tie  always choose the row which has next min cost which is 9 here in 4th row in comparison of 10 in 2nd row

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