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Match each application/software design concept in List-I to its definition in List-II

List-I List-II
I. Coupling a. Easy to visually inspect the design of the software and understand its purpopse
II. Cohesion b. Easy to add functionality to a software without having to redesign it
III. Scalable c. Focus of a code upon in single goal
IV. Readable d. Relaince of a code module upon other code modules
  1. I-b, II-a, III-d, IV-c
  2. I-c, II-d, III-a, IV-b
  3. I-d, II-c, III-b, IV-a
  4. I-d, II-a, III-c, IV-b
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1 Answer

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C is Ans.

Standard Statement:--Coupling Should be low Cohesion Should be high.

Readable and Scalable are explained in Option C ;)
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