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The number of function points of a proposed system is calculated as 500. Suppose that the system is planned to be developed in Java and the LOC/FP ratio of Jave is 50. Estimate teh effort (E) required to complete the project using the effort formula of basic COCOMO given: E=a(KLOC)$^b$

Assume that the values of a and b are 2.5 and 1.0 respectively

  1. 25 person months
  2. 75 person months
  3. 62.5 person months
  4. 72.5 person months
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Ans will be C  

E=a (KLOC)b

a=2.5 ,  b=1.0

LOC/FP=50=>loc=25000 i.e 25 KLOC

E=2.5(25)1= 62.5

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