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The following transportation problem

  A B C Supply
I 50 30 220 1
II 90 45 170 3
III 250 200 50 4
Demand 4 2 2 0

Has a solution

  A B C
I 1    
II 3 0  
III   2 2

The above solution of a given transportation problem is

  1. Infeasible solution
  2. optimum solution
  3. non-optimum solution
  4. unbounded solution
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Ans is B optimum solution

No automatic alt text available.

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Hi sir,

your answer is correct but small correction for 1st row 2nd column dij=+25


yes it will be  25
The number of allocations are 4 only (0 allocation is by default for every cell), so shouldn't it be (A) Infeasible?
that is the condition for degeneracy and not of infeasibility
In your answer to UGCNET-Dec2014-III-68 you stated that occurrence of degeracy while solving transportation problem means the solution obtained is not feasible.
to resolve degeneracy allocation of 0 is done
Can you please clear how u1 = -195. Aren't we to suppose that u1 = 0 in the beginning?

Sanjay Sir's solution is not showing up.
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Answer should be (A) Infeasible.

The number of allocations are 4 only (0 allocation is by default for every cell) and as they're less than m+n-1 that is 3+3-1=5, the solution is Infeasible.
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yeah , But condition is that number of allocation should be less then m+n-1

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