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Any integer composed of $3^{n}$ identical digits divisible by

  1. $2^{n}$
  2. $3^{n}$
  3. $5^{n}$
  4. $7^{n}$
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Lets take n=1

Now 31=3 identical digits i.e

111 which is not divisible by 2,5,7

And divisible by 3.

All other 3 digit numbers like 222,333,444 are multiple of 111 and hence of 3.

Now, for $n=2$, we get $3^2 = 9$. 111111111 is a multiple of 9. and similarly any $3^n$ digit number composed of only 1, is divisible by $3^n$, and composed of any other number is also divisible by $3^n.$

so Option B is Correct Ans.

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