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The absorption law in Boolean algebra say that

  1. $X + X = X$
  2. $X . X = X$
  3. $X + X . Y = X$ 
  4. None of the above
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6 Answers

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Option A & B are Basic laws of Boolean Algebra.
Option C. Absorption means to reduce
Here  x+xy=x(1+y)=x 
x+xy absorbed or reduced to x 
So option C is Correct Ans.
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Answer is C if we discuss according to venn diagram , x.y means a common part from both x and y whereas x is the superset so it absorps the x.y and result as x .
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According to absorption law

A + AB = A

So (C) is a correct
answered by Boss (7.8k points)
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Ans: C
answered by Boss (7.9k points)
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option C
answered by Active (1.4k points)
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Option C as x absorbs y

answered by Active (1.4k points)

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