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An industrial control circuit has four inputs (A, B, C & D) which activate a single output (F) under the following operating conditions:
• C & A can never be High (1) at the same time.
• If D is high (1) and A is low (0) and at least one of the other two inputs is high, the output is active (High).
• If D & A are both low (0) and at least one of the other two inputs are High (1), the output is active.
• All other input combinations cause the output to be low (0).
Design and implement this control.
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can we say

$F(A,B,C,D)= \Sigma_m(2,3,4,5,6,7)+d(10,11,14,15)$ ?
You are right but is there any way I can implement the control using a multiplexer
I think we can implement any boolean function with multiplexer /decoder.

@Praveen_sir How can we say that ?

encountered a similar question in Madeeasy_test_series :

What should be the approach to solve such type questions ?

1 Answer

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ans  is
f(a,b,c,d)=sum of( 2,3,4,5,6,7)
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