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Which functions does NOT implement the Karnaugh map given below?


  1. $(w + x) y$
  2. $xy + yw$
  3. $(w + x) (\bar{w} + y) (\bar{x} + y)$
  4. None of the above
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Please derive the expression which is in option C

3 Answers

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answer - D

solving K map gives xy +wy
answered by Boss (9.3k points)
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Why answer is D why not B,  xy+wy = xy + yw Why considering them different?
^^ There is NOT in question

a, b and c are same.
I am sorry, I didn't see NOT in the question.
how to get the 2nd option..??
Please derive the expression which is in option c
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After simplification we get WY+XY
So Ans is Option D

answered by Junior (527 points)
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Ans is C
answered by Boss (7k points)

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