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Dear Fellow Mates,

I will be sitting for GATE and TIFR both this year. I don't have much clue about TIFR but I have looked up about it on their site and know the rules, syllabus for the exams. I would just like to know a few more things.

1. I love working on research and hence working hard to clear GATE. But suppose one gets TIFR and he choses to do Integrated MSc - PhD course in Computer Science which extends to a period of 6 years I suppose. What are the future opportunities and Placements?

2. How to prepare for TIFR?

My approach: Since my primary aim is GATE so I will complete GATE syllabus only and upto what I have seen the syllabus correlates to that of TIFR if not more. I would like to know what subjects are difficult and which ares should be more stressed. I am sure that Algorithms, TOC and DS would be a part of it and I am prepareing them very well. How to prepare for the math section well. I already have the GATEOverflow book and I follow it.

Any extra advice? I left my job last month and started preparing for GATE 2017 from the start of this month but according to my schedule I will be able to finish studying the subjects and watch lectures by November end. I know I will not have enough time for practice which I will have for GATE and hence would like to ask for your expert advice.



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Prev TIFR papers are available and if you see they ask same type of questions every year though with enough twists. And all TIFR portions are entirely within GATE syllabus and there is no extra preparation required though weightage of marks differ. Clearing TIFR written exam should be straight forward for any one expecting a top 100 rank in GATE. Though interview is much harder.

Ph.D. in 6 years? Most good people do in 3-4 years in theory side.
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6 years is the max time allotted. I saw it on their website. Can you discuss the weightage of the subjects?

okay. Previous year papers are there- See here:

Sir I want to know syllabus of maths in TIFR

You will find it here:

Copied from pdf:

Discrete Mathematics: Sets and Relations, Combinatorics (Counting) and Elementary Probability Theory, Graph Theory, Propositional and Predicate Logic.

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