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$S_{1}$ : I teach algorithms and maths.

$S_{2}$ : My professor teaches maths, electronics and computer science.

$S_{3}$ : I have a student of maths.

$S_{4}$ : Algorithm is a part of computer science.

$S_{5}$ : Maths students know computer science.

What would be the chromatic number of a graph, vertices of which are the actors/entities that are involved in the sentences $S_{1}$ to $S_{5}$ and edges to represent the associations/relationships amongst the entities/actors as expressed in the sentences $S_{1}$ to $S_{5}$ above ?

  1. $2$
  2. $3$ 
  3. $4$
  4. None of these
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2 Answers

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i got 3
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@Ranjan Kr Deka,how you got?Can you please explain. :)
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it contain a triangle so chromatic no can not be less then 3

by Boss (10.6k points)
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