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In order to allow only one process to enter its critical section, binary semaphore are initialized to

  1. $0$
  2. $1$ 
  3. $2$
  4. $3$
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In order to allow only one process to enter its critical section,generaly  we will take semaphore value as 1 as when it will enter in critical section it will down the semaphore value to zero so that no other process is able to down ,further the value of semaphore .

 (b) option ans.
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i think ans should be 1 .
when a process want to enter critical section it decrements value by 1 .
Now value becomes to zero. if another process try to enter critical section it goes to waiting queue.
 2 & 3 can not be possible value for binary semaphore it can contain only 0 & 1 possible value
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