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Consider the line $y=\frac{n}{m}x$, where $n$ and $m$ are positive integers.

  1. If mq - np < 0, then is the point (p,q) above the line, below the line, or on the line?
  2. Complete the following function, that returns true if the line segment with endpoints (p,q) and (r,s) intersects the line $y=\frac{n}{m}x$, by writing the line number and the content of each box in your answer book.
  1: function clash (m, n, p, q, r, s: integer): Boolean;
  2: begin
  3: clash = false;
  4: if(m*q - n*p)⊏⊐ 0 then clash:= true;
  5: if(m*s - n*r)⊏⊐ 0 then clash:= true;
  6: if(m*q - n*p)⊏⊐ 0 and (m*s - n*r)⊏⊐ 0 then clash:= true;
  7: if(m*q - n*p)⊏⊐ 0 and (m*s - n*r)⊏⊐ 0 then clash:= true;
  8: end;
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