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Given the following karnaugh map, which one of the following represents the minimal Sum-Of-Products of the map?

  1. $XY+Y'Z$
  2. $WX'Y' + XY +XZ$
  3. $W'X+Y'Z+XY$
  4. $XZ+Y$
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answer - A
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w'x is not there?

the groupings are second row where y=0, z=1 and 4 terms from last two rows
yes. thats rt. Sorry I missed it.
no probs
kindly plz explain not getting ...??
@priyanka Its a don't care problem
why not c ?? please explain
can you show how you get C ? then it is easy to tell where you go wrong.
I got my mistake, but I am little bit confusing to use don't care condition, can u explain when i have to use don't care condition and when not ...??
if by taking dont care you get a mapping of 2,4, 8 subcubes then you need to include it , otherwise, ignore it.

include means you took don't care = 1 in case of SOP and 0 in case of POS.
if I map a subcube by taking 1 x   ( don't care condition) and if I take 2 x (don't  care condition ) then i can map a large subcube  then which one i have to select ????
2 dontcare.

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