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In CRC checksum method, assume that given frame for transmission is 1101011011 and the generator polynomial is $G(x) = x^{4}+ x + 1$. After implementing $CRC$ encoder, the encoded word sent from sender side is _____.

  1. 11010110111110
  2. 11101101011011
  3. 110101111100111
  4. 110101111001111
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Generator x 4 + x+ 1 can be written as 10011

append remainder 1110 to the actual word.

Encoded word will be (A) 11010110111110

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option A is correct

CRC GENRATER :::::::: 10011

we append 0000 and data is    11010110110000

after xoring  

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Can you tell how u calculated this.

I know the complete process, but not shortcut (as you said by XORing)

XORing what ??
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Exaplained in extremely easy way...with same example : 

CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) Explained Step by Step

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