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Consider the following languages:

  • $L1=\left\{ww \mid w \in \{a,b\}^*\right\}$
  • $L2=\left\{ww^R \mid w \in \{a,b\}^*, w^R \text{ is the reverse of w} \right\}$
  • $L3=\left\{0^{2i} \mid \text{ i is an integer} \right\}$
  • $L4= \left\{ 0^{i^2} \mid \text{ i is an integer} \right\}$

Which of the languages are regular?

  1. Only L1 and L2
  2. Only L2, L3 and L4
  3. Only L3 and L4
  4. Only L3
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3 Answers

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L1={ww∣w∈{a,b}∗}   CSL

L2={wwR∣w∈{a,b}∗,wR is the reverse of w}  Palindrome so CFL

L3={02i∣ i is an integer}          Linear Power and regular expression can be stated as $(00)^*$

L4={0i^2∣ i is an integer}             non linear power So CSL

Therefore answer is option D


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L1 -> This is CSL

L2 -> This is CFL.

L3 -> This is regular. Regular expression (00)*

L4 -> This is CSL.

Answer -> D


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ans is D. only L3 is regular
answered by Boss (8.5k points)
Plz explain how L3 is regular..?

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