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What will be returned by the following function foo when called as foo(10)?

int foo(int n)
    return n & n | 1;
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& : Bitwise AND operator
| : Bitwise OR operator

int foo(int n)
    return n & n | 1;

return n & n | 1;
here precedence of &>| so n&n will be executed 1st.
n&n = n
Now, n|1 which is nothing but n+1 for even n (least bit 0) and n for odd n.

For foo(10), 11 will be output.
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can you please explain binary operations in some detail ?


I think we cant say here :-> foo(int n) it will return n+1 as ur statement ( n|1 which is nothing but n+1.) is seeming me wrong.

Bcz suppose  n=11 means foo(11)


now n|1=00001011 | 00000001 = 00001011=n=11 itself.

so foo(11) will return 11 ; not 12.

plz correct me :)

yes, you are correct..
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foo will return 11

because 10 &10 will return 10

and logical OR will return 10I1 means 10+1=11
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