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Consider the following grammar with terminal alphabet $\Sigma\{a,(,),+,^* \}$ and start symbol $E$. The production rules of the grammar are:

$ E \rightarrow aA$

$ E \rightarrow (E)$

$A \rightarrow +E$

$A \rightarrow *E$

$A \rightarrow \epsilon $

  1. Compute the FIRST and FOLLOW sets for $E$ and $A$.
  2. Complete the LL(1) parse table for the grammar.
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2 Answers

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First $(E) = \{ a,( \}$

First $(A) = \{ +,*, \epsilon \}$

Follow $(E) =$ Follow $(A) =$ $\{$ $\$$ $,) \}$

LL(1) Parsing Table :

  $a$ $($  $)$  $+$  $*$


$E$ $E \rightarrow aA$ $E \rightarrow (E)$        
$A$     $A \rightarrow \epsilon$ $A \rightarrow +E$ $A \rightarrow *E$  $A \rightarrow \epsilon$


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Hello @aditya i have just structured your parsing table
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First(E) = a,(   and   First(A) = +,*,epsilon

Follow(E)= ),\$    and  Follow(A) = ),\$
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