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  1. Remove left-recursion from the following grammar: $S \rightarrow Sa \mid Sb \mid a \mid b$
  2. Consider the following grammar: 

             $S \rightarrow aSbS\mid bSaS \mid ∊$

             Construct all possible parse trees for the string abab. Is the grammar ambiguous?

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  1. $S \rightarrow aS'\mid bS'$
    $S' \rightarrow aS' \mid bS' \mid \epsilon$
  2. $S \rightarrow aSbS \rightarrow abS \rightarrow abaSbS \rightarrow ababS \rightarrow abab$
    $S \rightarrow aSbS \rightarrow abSaSbS \rightarrow abaSbS \rightarrow ababS \rightarrow abab$ 

$The\ above\ two\ derivations\ corresponds\ to\ two\ different\ parse\ trees\ and\ hence$ $the\ grammar\ is\ ambiguous$

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Two derivation so it is ambiguous

Gammer is ambiguous. But above statement requires 

Refer --> Option(A) for

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@Chhotu, its edited now.
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Remove left-recursion from the following grammar:


so by the basic rule==>


left side parsing: S->aSbS->abS->abaSbS>ababS->abab

right side parsing:S->aSbS->abSaSbS->abaSbS->ababS->abab so it is ambiguous


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