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We wish to construct a $B^+$ tree with fan-out (the number of pointers per node) equal to 3 for the following set of key values:

80, 50, 10, 70, 30, 100, 90

Assume that the tree is initially empty and the values are added in the order given.

  1. Show the tree after insertion of 10, after insertion of 30, and after insertion of 90. Intermediate trees need not be shown.
  2. The key values 30 and 10 are now deleted from the tree in that order show the tree after each deletion.
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fanout means no of records per node but b+ trees contain an additional pointer pointing to next node so in this case would splitting will take place after insertion of 2 key values or 3 key values? Plz explain...
After 2 key values. Also, that additional pointer appears only in leaves.
why split after 2 key value ??

since order = 3, so we can have 2 key elements in a node with no problem but when we have 3 key then it should be a overflow right ??
plz explain this one....
Same like btree

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Please explain this
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