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In the tower of Hanoi $x , y , z$ are the positions and we are to move 10 disks from $x$ to $y$. What are the $128$th and $768$th moves ?

(A) $x\rightarrow y$ and $x\rightarrow z$

(B) $x\rightarrow z$ and $z\rightarrow x$

(C) $x\rightarrow z$ and $z\rightarrow y$

(D) $x\rightarrow y$ and $z\rightarrow y$
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just 4 level + 2 level traverse
what is the answer?
it should be $X$ to $Y$ ( for $128$th move)   and $Z$ to $Y$ ( for $768$th move).

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H(n,x,y,z) means currently we have 10 disks on x and we need to move all of them from x to y using z. 

$H(n,x,y,z) \text{ needs } (2^{n} - 1) \text{ moves using recursion}$

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