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the value of variables of Sf = 62, Sn= 67, Rn= 64.Packet 65 has already been acknowledged at the sender side;Packet 65 and 66 are received out of order at the receiver side. Assume the network does not duplicate the packets .

a)What are the sequence nos of pending data packets(in transit,corrupt or lost)?

b)What are the acknowledgement nos of pending ACK packets (in transit, corrupt or lost)?
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sender transmit bits from sequence number 62-66.

Rn=64.receiver window is currently at seq no 64.and acknowledgment is 65 it means data is reached until bit no 64.(it is cumulative ack).

seq no of pending data packets are 65and 66.

pending ack are 66 and 67.(if sender receive these ack's it means bits 65 and 66 are reached safely so entire packet is reached safely)

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