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A palindrome is a string whose reversal is identical to the string. How many bit strings of length n are palindromes?

  1.   2⌈n⁄2⌉
  2.   2(⌊ n/2⌋ )
  3.   2⌈n⁄2⌉ -1
  4.   2(⌊ n/2⌋) -1
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2 Answers

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Try with N= 2 you get aa,bb 2⌈n⁄2⌉  = 2

Try with N= 3 you get aaa,bbb ,aba , bab  2⌈n⁄2⌉  = 4

Try with N= 4 you get aaaa,bbbb ,abba , baab , 2⌈n⁄2⌉  = 4

A is answer

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The trick here is to realize that a palindrome of length n is completely determined by its first ceiling(n/2)  bits.
This is true because once these bits are specified, the remaining bits, read from right to left, must be identical
to the first floor(n/2) bits, read from left to right. Furthermore, these first ceiling(n/2) bits can be specified at will,
and by the product rule, there are 2^ceiling(n/2) ways to do so. Hence answer is 2^ceiling(n/2)--> Option (A)

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for even length its right

but for odd length N=3 how come ur getting 4??

considering can only be two ways

that is position of a can be in two places

so for odd it should be floor(n/2) right??

please correct me

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