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Which one of the following combinations is incorrect?

  1. Acquiescence - Submission
  2. Wheedle - Roundabout
  3. Flippancy - Lightness
  4. Profligate - Extravagant
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Such questions are meant to be left in exam.

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 B Wheedle - Roundabout

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PROFLIGATE - example The Kapoors are profligate in their expenditures.
Profligate means extravagant or is used as an adjective here.

WHEEDLE - to provoke someone,to lure ,to persuade
ACQUIESCENCE - the Jailkattu ordinance will be sent to the President for his acquiescence. Here it means... for his assent or approval...its not submission

FLIPPANCY -light mindedness...not lightness
so answer should D
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D?, It should be B right?
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Acquiescence: To accept without protest. Submission: -> Correct relationship.

Wheedle: To use flattery to get something. Roundabout: To use an indirect longer route instead of a shorter direct route -> Not happening. 

Flippancy: Not showing seriousness, lightness. Lightness -> Correct relationship.

Profligate: Excessive, reckless, characterless, wasteful. Extravagant -> Correct relationship.

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