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$Q_1 \Rightarrow$ For synthesized attribute, value is only computed when symbol is on the _____ side of production. For inherited attribute, value is computed in productions where symbol is on the _____ side.

$1.$ Left, Right   $2.$ Right, Right    $3.$ Right, Left     $4.$ Left, Left

$Q_2 \Rightarrow$ In static scoping undefined variable

$a).$ Search in upper block 
$b).$ Search where the function is called 
$c).$ Refers to global variable 
$d).$ None of these

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@mcjoshi @Kapil

Q2. D is the Ans
Okkk !

@mcjoshi, what is the answer provided by them ?
Option (C). Refers to Global variable
Any reason for that ?
No solution given.
If undefined variable referred to global variable (int a)then that variable never called as undefined variable.

If the question would asked wrt to static scoping  .if a variable is referred and u want to find its scope Then:~)if we can't find its scope in local then we move ancestor blocks gradually and if we fail to find there also we last take the defined global variable.

 Rishabh Gupta 2  Shubhanshu  Anu007 

answer for first is "a"

explain pls


what synthesized says 

Left side take prodution take value from right side of pruction 

E.value →→ E.num + Enum 

here value is synthesizes attribute. value is calculate based on num.

what inherited says 

right side take prodution take value from right side of pruction 

E.num →→ E.value + Ecount 

here count is inherited  attribute. value(inherited) takes values from num and count . count take values from value and num .



same thing also told in prashant  comment. But m not getting 

Left side take prodution take value from right side of production

pls give some examples


I simply copppied his comment :

Left side take production take value from right side of production 

E.value (Left side) → E.num + Enum  (Right side)

here value is synthesizes attribute. value is calculate based on num.

Now got it 

1 Answer

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Q2. Ans. Option D

Undefined Variable:->>  variable that is accessed in the code but has not been previously declared by that code.

In any scoping result will produce compilation error for undefined variables.

Note:->C uses static(lexical) scoping.

int main() 
  int y = x;//here x is used without declaration so called undefined variable. 
  return 0;
foo.c: In function `main':
foo.c:2: error: `x' undeclared (first use in this function)
foo.c:2: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
foo.c:2: error: for each function it appears in.)

Another Example

//const int b = 5;

int foo() {
   int a = b + 5;

int bar() {
   int b = 2;
   return foo();

int main()
   return 0;

O/P of Static Scoping :->> Compiler error 'b' is undeclared.

If we remove first line comment then o/p:->> 10,10

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