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how to draw the table from the given question?

closed with the note: Out of GATE Syllabus !!
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How to draw the table for this?

Brother, you are preparing for Gate exam or semester exam or you are really interested in all these out-of-syllabus topics ??
sir i am preparing for both, sir please tell me if you know this please !
i have my exam on wednesday please tell sir i beg you , its no where described i hope you would have studied this
@Lav This site is only for GATE and relevant exams. If you keep asking such questions you are disturbing everyone else here- as seen from the number of down votes you are getting. I'm sure you are not at all interested in GATE and knows nothing about it - which is clear from the questions you ask here. May be you are helping someone or yourself for your exams- but sorry, this is not the place for it.
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