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Which of the following fields of an IP header is NOT modified by a typical IP router?

  1. Check sum
  2. Source address
  3. Time to Live (TTL)
  4. Length
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@Kapilp how is length modified
If you fragment a datagram into smaller fragments then offcourse size of IP datagram becomes smaller and so Total_Length field of IP datagram will be modified...
doubt here....Because TTL value modified by Hop Only, not by router so i think both B and C should be right....

@vikas Hops are links they are not the electronic devices which can change the value.

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Source Address.
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Is checksum modified by IP router?
Sir won't you consider the NAT router. In that case the NAT router changes the source address to its own ip address and sends the packet out of the orgorganisation..
Question says "typical" :)
Sorry I missed the word!
How is length modified?
@habibkhan how is length modified
during fragmentation
@Arjun Sir,

How checksum is modified by router?

It may be modified by error in Transmission line but how by router?

Sorry,when it breaks into fragments each fragment add original header plus extra data,by this checksum got modified.
when time to live changes.

it's obvious there will be modification in checksum :)
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B. Source Address
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Only source IP address will not change at router and all mentions feild above will definately change.

Therefore option B will be right option for it.
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Since it has been asked for IP Header so Source adress will not change but if it was about the frame than source address (i.e MAC Address) is changed.
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Ans B

Length and checksum can be modified when IP fragmentation happens. Time to live is reduced by every router on the route to destination.

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Only source Ip address will not change otherwise our delivered letter can not go our girl freind house.
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