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Which of the following scheduling algorithms is non-preemptive?


  1. Round Robin
  2. First-In First-Out
  3. Multilevel Queue Scheduling
  4. Multilevel Queue Scheduling with Feedback


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2 Answers

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A) Here we preempt when Time quantum is expired.

C) Here we preempt when process of higher priority arrives.

D) Here we preempt when process of higher priority arrives or when time slice of higher level finishes & we need to move process to lower priority.

B) We never preempt, so answer is B) FIFO
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Your answer is obviously correct. However, can you give me a source for your reasoning for options C and D.

Galvin (8th ed) only says that the multilevel and multilevel feedback algorithms have an independent  scheduling algorithm for each queue, but dont specify when preemtion occurs.
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ans is b
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