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In the absolute addressing mode:

  1. the operand is inside the instruction
  2. the address of the operand in inside the instruction
  3. the register containing the address of the operand is specified inside the instruction
  4. the location of the operand is implicit
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(B) is the answer. Absolute addressing mode means address of operand is given in the instruction.

option (A), operand is inside the instruction $\rightarrow $ immediate addressing
option (C), register containing the address in specified in operand $\rightarrow $ register Indirect addressing
option (D), the location of operand is implicit $\rightarrow $ implicit addressing

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@Arjun: nice explanation :)

option C says the register containing the address of the operand  but it is indirect addressing.



what about implicit addressing?
@Arjun sir nice explanation
@sresthe veteran IMPLICIT/implied addreesing mean opcode field itself contain the information about the data .....
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Stack /Implicit Addressing:
Stack is a linear array of locations referred to as last-in first out queue. The stack is a reserved block of location, appended or deleted only at the top of the stack. Stack pointer is a register which stores the address of top of stack location. This mode of addressing is also known as implicit addressing.

Immediate Addressing:
This is the simplest form of addressing. Here, the operand is given in the instruction itself. This mode is used to define a constant or set initial values of variables. The advantage of this mode is that no memory reference other than instruction fetch is required to obtain operand. The disadvantage is that the size of the number is limited to the size of the address field, which most instruction sets is small compared to word length.

Register Indirect Addressing:
This mode is similar to indirect addressing. The address field of the instruction refers to a register. The register contains the effective address of the operand. This mode uses one memory reference to obtain the operand. The address space is limited to the width of the registers available to store the effective address.

Absolute/Direct Addressing:
In direct addressing mode, effective address of the operand is given in the address field of the instruction. It requires one memory reference to read the operand from the given location and provides only a limited address space. Length of the address field is usually less than the word length.
(B) is the answer
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option b: In direct addressing mode, effective address of the operand is given in the address field of the instruction. 

answered by Boss (34.2k points)

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