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Consider the following C program segment.

while (first <= last)
    if (array[middle] < search)
        first = middle + 1; 
    else if (array[middle] == search)
        found = TRUE;
        last = middle - 1;
    middle = (first + last)/2;

if (first > last)
    notpresent = TRUE;

The cyclomatic complexity of the program segment is_______________.

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Is this topic out of  syllabus now ??

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Number of predicates = 4, if, else if, while and if.

Cyclomatic complexity = No. of predicates + 1 = 5.
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Why else is not considered as predicate??
predicate nodes with has out degree more than 2. else has only one


Can you please explain "out degree more than 2" ? Also why last "if" is included?

I think it is a part of software engineering and it is now out of syllabus ?

Right ??
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The cyclomatic complexity of a structured program[a] is defined with reference to the control flow graph of the program, a directed graph containing the basic blocks of the program, with an edge between two basic blocks if control may pass from the first to the second. The complexity M is then defined as

    M = E − N + 2P,
    E = the number of edges of the graph.
    N = the number of nodes of the graph.
    P = the number of connected components.  

Source: For a single program (or subroutine or method), P is always equal to 1. So a simpler formula for a single subroutine is

    M = E − N + 2 

For the given program, the control flow graph is:q100

 E = 13, N = 10.

Therefore, E - N + 2 = 5. 

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Regina Phalange

Can you please explain how you got this control flow graph?


I learnt from this- 

Thank you.

But Im not getting the graph as you got. Can you name the nodes with variables please?
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it's 5
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