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Horizontal microprogramming:

  1. does not require use of signal decoders
  2. results in larger sized microinstructions than vertical  microprogramming
  3. uses one bit for each control signal
  4. all of the above
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Option (D). All statements are true.

Reference: http://

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Horizontal micro programming:

 1)  Each control signal itself  present in control word So no need of signal decoders, To represent one control  signal we need 1-bit  so A, C is true

 2)  In Vertical micro programming control word  contain log(no of control signals) bits to represent control signals.  

 Ex: suppose 16 control signals are there, In HmP  16 bits, in VmP  log16 = 4 bits are required

 so B is true   

 Finally Option D is Answer

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