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Match the pairs in the following questions:

(a) Small talk (p) Logic programming
(b) LISP (q) Data flow programming
(c) Prolog (r) Functional programming
(d) VAL (s) Object-oriented programming


$$\begin{array}{|ll|ll|}\hline (a) & \text{Small talk} & (p) & \text{Logic programming} \\\hline  (b) & \text{LISP} & (q) & \text{ Data flow programming} \\\hline   (c) & \text{ Prolog} & (r)  & \text{Functional programming} \\\hline (d) & \text{ VAL} & (s)  & \text{Object-oriented programming}  \\\hline \end{array}$$

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Solution :

(a) Small talk (s) Object-oriented programming
(b) LISP (r) Functional programming
(c) Prolog (p) Logic programming
(d) VAL (q) Data flow programming


$$\begin{array}{|ll|ll|}\hline (a) & \text{Small talk} & (s) & \text{Object-oriented programming} \\\hline  (b) & \text{LISP} & (r) & \text{Functional programming} \\\hline   (c) & \text{ Prolog} & (p)  & \text{Logic programming} \\\hline (d) & \text{ VAL} & (q)  & \text{Data flow programming}  \\\hline \end{array}$$

Proof of correctness : (Check for "Paradigm" of any programming language)

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